Article Critique of 'Empowerment Through Photo Novella: Portraits of Participation'

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Article Critique: Wang, C. & Burris, M. (1994). Empowerment through Photo Novella: Portraits of Participation. Health Education & Behavior 21:171-86. Purpose The purpose of this study was to more clearly outline the conceptual frameworks and theoretical underpinnings of the photo novella concept and program as it relates specifically to feminist schools of thought and the drive to empower the world's un-empowered. The study also shows the impact of photo novella activities on a specific population of women in rural China, adding concrete elements to an otherwise abstract and theory-based study, however this element of the study seems to be almost an afterthought to the presentation of its theoretical justification (Wang & Burris, 1994, p. 172-7). Overall, the purpose of this published research would have to be deemed an explanation of and rationale for the activities utilized in the primary research phase itself. Methodology The authors never completely define their methodology, though they unquestionably utilized a qualitative approach to both sharing and collecting information, which is the only reasonable means of assessing the abstract concepts the study deals with (Wang & Burris, 1994). The sample of the actual research phase of this project was comprised of sixty-two women in rural China who by all appearances live lives that can be considered "typical" of their region, yet whom the authors feel did not have an effective means of voicing their experience or

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