Article Critique of 'Hurting at Work: The Experiences of Older Nurses'

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Article Critique: Hurting at Work: The Lived Experiences of Older Nurses This qualitative, phenomenoligic research study published in the International Journal for Human Caring in 2009 was conducted to examine the question of how two health problems, depression and musculoskeletal problems affect productivity in nurses over 50 years of age. Susan Letvak found " 地 significant problem with the profession: an aging workforce that will increasingly have health problems of their own" (Letvak, 2009, p. 15). Sampling and Setting Purposive sampling was utilized to recruit 14 participants. A purposive sample is a non-representative subset of a larger population and is constructed to serve a very specific need or purpose. Research assistants distributed study flyers at hospitals and professional meetings throughout one Southeastern state. Criteria for inclusion included being an RN over the age of 50, working in direct patient care, and having a self-identified history of depression and/or musculoskeletal pain. Study participants included 13female and one male RN ranging in age from 50 to 65 years (mean of 57 years). Twelve of the RNs worked full time, two worked part time; eight worked the day shift, four worked the night shift, and two worked the evening shift. Thirteen of the participants were Caucasian and one was African American. Seven of the RNs worked in critical care settings, two worked in geriatric rehabilitation, and the others worked in newborn nursery, surgical,

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