Article: Globalization

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Globalization Article 1: 1. Globalization is one of the main reasons for which people come to promote positive thinking and for which it pervades particular societies. 2. Totalitarian governments have slowly but surely lost their ability to control citizens as a result of technologic advance. 3. The author's best example concerning the benefits of globalization is the case of South Korea and North Korea. The former managed to experience rapid evolution as a consequence of adopting foreign cultural values while the latter is one of the worst violators of human rights as a result of its containment policy. 4. Concepts like denim, Disney, and McDonald's can have terrible consequences on a particular nation, as people come to lose their personal identity and can suffer greatly as they adopt these ideas. 5. Local cultures have a strong influence on local branches of multinational corporations. Companies need to consider the needs and traditions of a particular culture and then act in accordance with them in order to experience success in the respective area. Article 3: 1. Similar to the Industrial Revolution, globalization makes it difficult for particular international players to maintain their dominance and new players emerge as a consequence. 2. As long as employees are properly compensated for their works, the difference between CEO and employee salaries is not important. 3. While they were both initially meant to assist war-torn countries, they currently
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