Article On Best Post Workout Nutrition

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Best Post Workout Nutrition
By Mitch S Muller | Submitted On May 24, 2012

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Expert Author Mitch S Muller
Your post-workout nutrition is by far one of the most important meals of the day. Your energy will be running low from the exertion that you just put your body through, and your muscles will be trying desperately to repair themselves. It comes as a shock to me that most people I come in contact with at the gym don 't get their post-workout required nutrients. Why? If you 're putting yourself through all that hard work, doesn 't it make sense to give your body what it needs to progress and recover? That 's like running a race then slowing down at the end to let everyone else pass you!

Post-workout nutrition is critical to help recover your body, as well as refuel for the rest of the day 's regular activities. Just like the runner in a race, falling short of completing the task will leave you without progress. Put simply: You 're working for nothing...

I don 't know about you but I go to work each day so I can get paid. Just like the pay check is the reward in this situation, so are your fitness results when working hard in the gym each…
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