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Article Rebuttal Maybelline Torres University of Phoenix BCOM/275 April 17, 2012 Prof. Lourdes Lebrón Bayrón Article Rebuttal In this article rebuttal an analysis will take place on the authors, reliability, credibility, and validity on the account of Noah’s flood. The rebuttal will give emphasis on the claims young earth creationist have on the earth’s existence period. Additionally, address old earth and young earth theories. Finally identify any fallacies in the argument. For centuries creation theorists have given emphasis to Noah’s flood as enough evidence to a universal deluge. Nevertheless, it is understood the ark presented in the Bible had a higher credibility to a local flood. According…show more content…
The following claim states that it can give evidence that all animals and humans originated from occupants of the ark. The people could have descended from the ark inhabitants, but scientist lack evidence on the animals descending from the ark. Finding the ark does not give evidence of the ancestry of all creatures. One way to refute this is consider the Koala in Australia. How did this earthly animal travel to Australia once the ark settled? Traveling this distance would be impossible nevertheless because the flood was local Koalas did not need to be on the ark. Furthermore, the author asserts that locating ark remains forces paleontologists to re-decipher fossils as an effect of the flood, not of many years buildup. Old-earth creationists relates fully with the geological proof of the arks old age existence. There are no findings of the ark, although several informants alleged to have seen it. In reality the ark will never be located, most likely it no longer exists. Noah maybe used the ark wood for rebuilding the society. God declared to Noah never again would He destroy the world with water. Noah was clear he had no use for the ark maybe he dismantled it for constructing material. Moreover, creation theorists Baumgardner, and Barnett claim after the flood the land would have resembled a lifeless wilderness deprived of trees and plants. If the plant and tree seeds floated after the flood it would still take many years
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