Article Reflection Essay

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When I first became concerned with what was going on in the world, I always turned to the News Channel or a documentary to update me on that day’s current event. I never opened a newspaper, magazine, book etc. because I felt it was less time consuming, more intriguing and simpler to understand if I listened to the story being spoken rather than reading it. Due to this class and our weekly article assignments, I realized it is much more stimulating to open up a newspaper or print out an article to read rather than watch a television screen to inform me on what is going on in the world. Not only did this class help me appreciate reading more, but it also taught me the real meaning behind key terms and cases that can help me make better use of the article I am reading rather than trying to understand what the story is. I truly believe these article assignments caused a major positive impact on my reading abilities, understanding and use of the context and all around better knowledge on what is going on regarding current events. Since I was a child, I was never big on reading because my mind would wander off to different places and I would lose track of my reading. When Professor Varner announced to the class about the weekly article assignments it really did not sound all that captivating to me. I did not look forward to these assignments because I knew I had to actually read an article and understand the issue, even though this was extremely easy going and not time consuming
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