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Article Reflection: Feminist Intersectional Theorizing Intersectionality is known to be one of the prominent social theories in feminism. This theory explores the factors that represent one’s identity. The purpose of this article is to explain the theorizing on race, class, and gender by Canadian feminist. Intersectionality portrays how women experiences are interconnected. The article “Feminist Intersectional Theorizing” written by Daiva K. Stasiulis, mainly talks about the intersectional theorizing of different factors that woman in Canada encounter. The vocalization of gender and class had a breakthrough in 1970s and 1980s. Along with racism, sexism and class is a source that is primary for oppression. This article looks at men and…show more content…
Thus, all three factors depend on each other to determine how much authority she has in society. It is not just one straightforward list of rankings. Therefore, in her society and from her point of view race, gender and class are all interlocked within each other. Along with that, these three factors cannot be separated. In the article it states that the interlocking oppression of race, gender and class by colored women were critical of Marxist/Socialist, feminist and anti-racist traditions (Stasiulis, 29). This ties in with the author’s argument because a woman of color covers all 3 factors: race (color), gender (women) and class (for them to be oppressed, they obviously had to be of lower class). For women to be oppressed one must look at all three-aspects. When women are oppressed, it ignores a feminist, anti-racist, and socialist tradition; which covers all 3 factors being interconnected: gender, race, and class. Due to the fact if one of the factors was misused then that means that they all are being misused. The first theme of “Prominence of Race” states that in the intersectional theorizing, racism, class and sexism have been misused and taken advantage of in the interconnecting system (Stasiulis, 29). This shows that if class was misused then racism and sexism are misused as well. Looking back at the Brahmin women we can see that her class was taken advantage of therefore, her sex and race were

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