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Basic Budgets 101
By PD Richmond | Submitted On August 06, 2015

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Expert Author PD Richmond
The budget is the basis for any form of financial stability, from household to business to country.

So what is a budget and how will it help?

It 's not a magic fix to money problems, quite the reverse, it is a tool to help you see where the problems are. If you 're overspending then a budget will help you see where your problems are, but it won 't fix them. That 'll be down to you to spend less. There 's no other way to do it.

But it can make a big difference in telling you where your money is going. That £2 a day on a coffee, £3 on a sandwich and £8 on a pack of cigarettes? That comes to £4745 per year. Surprised? That 's where the budget will help you.

How do you set up a budget?

There are two routes to go down, you can either build your own budget or use a template. I would always recommend building your own budget, it 's tailored to exactly what you want see and is as simple as you make it. The problem with templates is that they can be incredibly hard to customise and get the information that would be useful to you.

That being said, there are good
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