Article Report On The Corset

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Illustrated Report on The Corset


Arguably the most controversial garment in the history of fashion, the corset is a classic item that has lasted the test of time. Made to adjust the wearer’s body to the aesthetics through centuries, the lingerie item remained an essential in many women’s closet. Throughout its existence, the corset has been condemned and misunderstood as a torturous device for the female body, but it is more than that (Steele, 2001, 1-2). This report is dedicated to exploring the corset changes in form, its purposes and meaning from the 15th - 16th century. Taking into account that the corset has a long history, only the main events and mainstream viewpoints in its timeline will be examined. The focus will be placed upon the garment’s construction, the main events that causes its evolution and what it meant for women at the time.
I. The Evolution of the Corset Form from the 15th - 16th Century
1. The Metal Corset The credit of inventing the corset couldn’t be attribute to just one person like most inventions. Clothing and fashion evolve out of earlier styles to cater to social, technological and aesthetic phenomena. Corsets, or stays, were believed to have first appeared in Ancient Greek or Minoan Crete (Fontanel, 1997, 10). Yet due to the lack of cultural continuity, the theory wasn’t very well supported (Tarrant, 56). At the start of the 16th century, there seems to exist two types of corsets: orthopedic and fashion. The orthopedic…
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