Article Response: 'iPad May Join Aspirin, Heroin, as Generic Name Branding Experts'

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Article Response According to the article "iPad May Join Aspirin, Heroin, as Generic Name, Branding Experts Say" (2012), Apple products tablets may become a generic term for all tablets rather than referring only to the ones made by Apple. There are positives and negatives to this tendency. Whereas it ensures that as many people as possible understand and associate the product with the brand, it also opens up issues with branding which have to do with trademarks. It becomes easier to overcome the laws regarding copyright and trademark when the term no longer is applied to a specific company's product but rather to all examples of that product currently on the market. There are historic examples of this kind of thing happening. The article sites Band-Aids and Kleenex as the primary examples. The iPad is the best selling tablet on the market and according to some the reason for this is that "They were first" (Associated 2012). Although, that perspective technically is not actually true because Microsoft created a similar product some years ago but were not able to achieve the kind of success Apple enjoys in the present. These tablets were not successful and so the products were discontinued. There are other manufacturers of tablets besides Apple. Amazon makes the Kindle, Samsung has the Galaxy, and other companies have also released their own versions of tablets. However, they have none of them achieved the level of consumer interest as the Apple iPad. If more companies

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