Article Review: 'Conceptions of Learning in Adult Students Embarking on Distance Education'

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Summary and Reflection Summary "Conceptions of learning in adult students embarking on distance education" is an article about the research efforts of the authors to properly gauge just what the pursuit of higher education and learning in particular meant to a group of adult students in Europe. All of the students were enrolled in a distance education program, and were taking a general class that was to prepare them for distance education in a postsecondary environment. The subjects were planning to study a variety of disciplines. The particular study discussed within this document was able to take qualitative measures and quantify them by asking approximately 400 students to answer 60 questions regarding their perceptions of what exactly learning constitutes. Students were able to answer in a five-step scale that ranged from strongly agreeing to disagreeing. Predictably, the study yielded mixed results in which no clear consensus regarding what education meant to these students was supported by the evidence. Still, a significant portion of the students viewed education in terms that are not that different from conceptions of transformative learning, while another eminent segment of the students viewed learning in negative terms that were not constructive. The second article, "Influence of online learning skills in cyberspace" is similar to the preceding article in a number of facts. The authors also attempt to gauge the importance of distance or e-learning through asking

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