Article Review: 'Customers' Ways of Making Sense of a Financial Service Relationship Through Intersubjective Mirroring of Others'

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Journal of Financial Services Marketing 2010) 15, 99-11
A. Material Evaluation
The focus of this study is the review of the work of Eriksson and Soderberg (2010) which examines the importance of the existing relationships between the buyer and the seller in marketing research. Reported by Eriksson and Soderberg (2010) is that the "Relationships between buyers and sellers have been found important to understand markets from both the perspective of economics and relationship marketing (RM)." (Eriksson and Soderberg, 2010, p. 15)
I. Relationship Marketing in Financial Management
There has been a great deal of research on the relationship between commitment and benefits in relationships and the amount of time s well as resources that consumers spend on a daily basis "often relates to the benefit they perceive that they stand to gain from their efforts." (Eriksson and Soderberg, 2010, p. 15) Eriksson and Soderberg report that the context of a relationship is often held as what is "outside of the relationship such as demographics, service industry, and international setting." There have been very few studies that focus on the micrcontext of the relationship in RM research a shortcoming that has been emphasized by Barnes who states findings that "relationships may differ in kind, depending on the…
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