Article Review : Dealing With Bullies

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The article “Dealing with Bullies in Marriage -- And Divorce,” by Beth Kramer, is an examination of the often looked over topic of relationships with bullies. Beginning her article, Kramer illustrates ways one might identify bullying behaviour and the surface psychological characteristics that a bully might possess: however, Kramer’s main objective is detailing several options a spouse might take if one were to find him/herself in such a circumstance. By highlighting the words of Stacy Kaiser and Joseph Burgo, Kramer is able to piece together several ways to fight against the bully including: establishing boundaries, protecting one 's children, and divorce. Though Kramer does well in summarizing her chosen topics she fails to include a myriad of other circumstances and types of bullying one might find in a marriage, as well as depth to her topics. She fails to argue the differences in severity, the ways one might change a bully 's behaviour, and the difficulties of divorce. Kramer also displays a subtle bias against men in the marriage, as such, she fails to include the ways to identify a circumstance where men are being victimised as well as the problems that men face in custody battles for children. Dealing with bullies in a marriage as well as divorcing a bully is obstacle dealing with. Kramers essay failed to challenge the depths of identifying a bully 's behaviour, divorcing a bully, protecting one’s children from a bully and the bias against male victims in society.
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