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Blog 25 – EU Casino loads up on tournaments just in time for winter

With autumn in full swing, the rain and snow of winter is just around the corner. As the night’s draw in and the temperature dips, players could be forgiven in thinking that the online casino industry is all set to hibernate until New Year. However, it seems to be quite the opposite at EU Casino, as things are certainly heating up as far as competition is concerned. In 2015 players want the thrill of going head-to-head and nose-to-nose with other players, something that most online casinos seldom deliver consistently.

Making sure that there are plenty of thrills to be found at EU Casino they are raising the stakes when it comes to tournament play. Major games, huge cash prizes, and around the clock action, if you love tournament play then EU Casino is the place to play this autumn.

Types of Tournament

If you’ve visited an online casino portal lately you are likely to have come across a tournament or two. It seems that they are all the rage right now, but very few operators have cracked the code for offering consistently impressive tournament setups. EU Casino has worked to buck that trend by offering up not only an impressive tournament structure but also a schedule packed with events. At EU Casino they offer two different tournament formats, ’Race’ and ‘Standard Tournament’. Race tournaments take the place over a single weekend, with players needing to put pedal to metal in order to come out on top.…

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