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Article Review
Steven Anders
Criminal Justice 500
November 30, 2014
Honorable Scott W. Naus Instructor

Judges are the most prestigious members of the court system, but they are faced with challenges that reflect upon there ethics, and faithfulness to the people they serve. Often judges make careless misstates and forget that they are appointed or voted in by the public. Therefore some judges have been removed from the bench due to their behavior that includes, sexual allegations, taking cash, making racist and sexist comments, and lying to a grand jury just to name a few. Voters elect some judges, governors or the president of the United States appoints some and others are appointed through a merit selection.
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Many issues may arrive because of this and create problems within the courts. According to Skaggs (2010) “A recent study of the Texas Supreme Court, found that the more money a petitioner contributed to the justices, the more likely it was that the court would accept a petition for review”. Contributions may show that a judge is in favor of the individual that may give the most money to there campaign which may give true insight on what kind of judge they will be in the future. In the past some judges have abused their office because of the lust of their flesh and the pride of life. Many have given over to the power and prestige of the office instead of walking in humility of the office of judge.

The article Are Campaign Contributions Compromising The Independent Judiciary also gives verification that there are issues within our current system today. According to Jefferson “People doubt that a judge who have received campaign contributions from a lawyer will remain neutral when deciding the donor’s case”(Jefferson, 2010). People may not really care about the reputation of a judge but rather look at how much money that particular judge have spent on there campaign. This type of actions by canadates has affected the public views by decreasing the public confidence in America’s courts. By adopting a system where judges are seeking a judges seat would eliminate much of the negative response by the people. By focusing on a candidate’s work ethic and

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