Article Review: 'How to Profit from Lean Advertising' by Thales Teixeira

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Review of "How to Profit from Lean Advertising": How to Profit from "Lean Advertising" is an article written by Thales Teixeira to examine and explain the concept of lean advertising and how philosophies of this concept are enabling small marketing budgets to obtain value of big brands. Generally, lean procedures, philosophies, and methodologies are slowly becoming common aspects of advertising for both small and large companies. The emergence of leaning advertising as an important part of modern marketing is influenced by the ongoing spread of lean thinking. Actually, lean advertising is not only a procedure or methodology but also a philosophy that has transformed contemporary advertising methods. As a result of its widespread growth, small, medium, and large companies are faced with the need to adopt lean advertising. In his article, Teixeira begins by examining how the footwear industry has conventionally been characterized with memorable advertising to an extent that major brands have spent millions of dollars in creating spectacular TV advertisements. Some of the major brands mentioned in the article are Reebok and Nike that have spent huge amounts of money in hiring advertising agencies and signing athlete-endorsers. He proceeds to examine how most of the big brands are using online mechanisms in advertising their products through shooting videos and sharing them on YouTube. After the brief introduction of how big brands are using conventional advertising methods

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