Article Review : ' On Being Sane ' Insane Places '

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The article “On Being Sane in Insane Places” by D.L. Rosenhan was first published in Science in 1973. Rosenhan was a professor at Stanford University and this article is about one of his most famous experiments. The article is about the curiosities Rosenhan had in regards to sanity. He wanted to know if there was any valid way of determining if a person was actually “insane” and if sanity was real. The experiment he devised included himself as one of eight pseudopatients, as he puts it, who malingered themselves into different hospitals. All eight pseudopatients were admitted by feigning symptoms of auditory hallucinations. The pseudopatients wrote in journals of what they experienced and also what they observed. Once the pseudopatients were admitted they had to find their own way out by acting as if they no longer had a mental illness. While under a hospital’s care, regardless if a hospital had a high standard of care, all patients seemed to be dehumanized and were treated as if their mental illness was the one thing that defined their existence. Rosenhan concluded by these observations and experiences that once a person has been diagnosed with a mental illness, he or she is confined to that diagnosis for the rest of his or her life and the stigmas that go along with it. Before reading an article I usually take into account who the author is and what are their credentials and when the article was written. When I saw that the article was written around the same time and
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