Article Review On Capitalism And Capitalism

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Caleb Wilson Essay on Capitalism Instructors: Christel Smith, Kurt Banzhaf, and Kayla Colfack English 12 and American Government April 12, 2015 CAPITALISM !1 It has been around since the Middle Ages, that we know of, and most likely before that. It is usually the first type of economy before evolving into another kind. Its main sources of life are competition and an ever changing society. This almost living breathing creature of our own device is called capitalism. Capitalism has been the biggest form of economy in the United States and now throughout the world. Prosperity is usually following right behind because of all the money produced, people employed, growth occurring, and overall well being a society experiences. Although great, capitalism has its down falls, like monopolies. We as an American society trust that the government will monitor, not just monopolies, but the other areas neglected by capitalism. Although the government has done a great job, they have, in a way, over stepped their bounds and have been slowly putting their hands on the throat of the beast we call capitalism. America should promote capitalism and not restrict it. With competition from other forms of government and countries, America needs all the help it can get to remain a world power. First, the rise of capitalism is astounding and mesmerizing. Second, the reasons why capitalism is so beneficial and a boon to society. Third, how restrictions, spending, and taxes are making a capitalistic
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