Article Review On Donald Trump

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Among the websites that were listed for us to examine were some that focused on certain topics such as the salaries of our congressmen and the happenings of the US treasury, and others that were broad and covered many topics. I found myself spending more time on these websites that covered many topics. The Daily Caller is one of these broad websites that featured the current events in politics, the international community, entertainment, sports and business. The political section on the Daily Caller seems to favor a more conservative stance, but is by no means a conservative website. Donald Trump of course was making news, with his words that were directed to North Korea during his speech at an airbase in Japan. These soldiers in Japan…show more content…
People have been pushing for a more background checks and calling for convicted domestic abusers to not be allowed guns. The Daily Caller reported that there is in fact already such a law in place. In 1996 there was a federal law passed that prohibits people who have been charged with domestic violence from purchasing or possessing guns. In 2016 the Supreme Court upheld this law. Gun control is a touchy subject, and I personally feel that the laws that the government enacts can always be circumvented. For example, this Devin Kelley should never have been allowed to buy a gun, and yet he did. The increase in recent years of mass shootings is not due to a more readily available supply of guns and ammo or laxer laws, rather it is the people. These nut jobs are the crux of the problem, and I don’t have a solution to fail safely prevent mentally disturbed persons from acquiring guns. That being said, I do think that laws are effective, although not foal proof. I’m confident that there has been several shooting prevented by denying certain persons guns, and that’s why I’m for gun control laws.
While the world section of the Daily Caller covers many avenues of new, a large portion of it seems to be focused on conflicts in the international community. North Korea is suffering under the heaviest sanctions that have been placed on them. A former North Korean financial official has stated that he is unsure if North Korea will be able to survive
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