Article Review On Self Actualization And Self Realization

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Self Actualization and Self Realization Are Different
By Arthur Thomas Ware | Submitted On July 07, 2014

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In that classic old movie, Papillon, starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman, there is a particular phrase that stays in my mind. It occurs when McQueen, playing Papillon, is in solitary confinement and is obviously on the point of dying. He goes into a sort of coma and starts seeing friends of his who are now dead. Then an authoritarian sounding voice says, "I accuse you of a wasted life." It is on this subject that I write this particular essay.

Many of us of heard of Abraham Maslow 's 'Pyramid of Human Needs. ' We know a little about the basic needs of food, shelter, et cetera. We know of feelings of belonging and self-esteem. We also know of self-actualization, though there is often confusion between self-actualization and self-realization. So I 'd like to explain a little about the difference here.

Self Actualization

Self-actualization refers to becoming as much as we can in the practical-pragmatic scheme of affairs. It refers to developing our talents, our skills, in educating ourselves to the best of our ability, being the best we…
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