Article Review On The And Religious Competencies For Psychologists

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Name: Nicole McDuff Group # A ARTICLE REVIEW
Answer the following questions concerning a manuscript that is relevant to your project. Article reviews should be 2 pages minimum (answers single spaced) to receive full credit and answers should be in your own words (not copied and pasted from the article). You should complete the review in this format (therefore, answer the questions). Each member should complete on a different article related to your research topic.
1.) How would you cite the article in your reference section (in APA format)?
Vieten, C., Scammell, S., Pilato, R., Ammondson, I., Pargament, K. I., & Lukoff, D. (2013). Spiritual and religious competencies for psychologists. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 5(3), 129-144. doi:
2.) What was the main topic studied?
The main topic studied in this article is that most people identify themselves as spiritual and or religious. With that being said, patients undergoing psychotherapy are not treated nor is it included in their treatment plan. Psychotherapists are not even trained in this aspect nor do they include it in their assessment or treatment planning.
3.) Why is it important to study this topic?
It is important to study this topic because most of the population is spiritual and or religious or possibly both spiritual and religious. This could possibly be a great indicator of a need that can and should be addressed. To treat a patient you need an assessment and an effective
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