Article Review On The Constitution

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Article XI Section 1. Proposal by legislature. Amendments to any part of the Constitution can be brought up by the approval of both the house and the senate. There must be an acceptance of this amendment between three fifths of members of each house. A review of the voting will be written into each houses journal. The house of representatives is comprised of four hundred thirty five American citizens. The senate is made up of one hundred American citizens, two from each state. The members for each committee are appointed by the people. The functions of these committees are to enforce, correct, or amend laws and also to create new laws to help uphold the peace and order of the country. Section 2. Revision Commission. (a) The Constitution shall be revised at least thirty days before the 2017 session of the legislature and every twenty years after that. There will be thirty-seven members creating these commissions. This team will consist of the state attorney general, fifteen people selected by the governor, nine people that the speaker for the house selects and also nine people selected the president of the senate, and lastly the supreme court of Florida’s chief justice will select the remaining three members. For these three members, the other justices will give their advice. (b) One member, chosen by the governor, will be the chair of this board. If there are ever empty spots, they will be filled in the same method as stated above. (c) The chair will call the members
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