Article Review On The Divorce Rate Of Male Sociologists

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Article Review The article "Divorce Among Sociologists Married to Sociologists u explores the divorce rate of male sociologists. No actual hypothesis was formulated due to the fact that the authors *stumbled" upon a correlation while doing a study on religious apostasy and divorce. The data were obtained using a mailed questionnaire. The questionnaires were sent out randomly to 760 members of the American Sociological Association, the data were specifically formed by analyzing the 334 (out of 353) returned questionnaires. The authors found that male sociologists who had married women with sociology degrees were more likely to divorce than male sociologists who had married women with Other degrees. The response rate to the first mailed out questionnaire was 353 out of the original 760 sent out, the researchers then did a second which used a shorter questionnaire. This upped the response rate to 429 out of 760 questionnaires. However, the authors chose to use the longer questionnaires because the shorter version excluded necessary marital history information. The actual number of questionnaires used for the study was 334 out of 353. I assume the 19 questionnaires that were excluded were done so because the respondents had never been married. The total rate of completion was 46%, which is very low. The authors also mention that the N varies from one analysis to the next because of the failure of some subjects to answer all of the question. The authors state that the low rate
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