Article Review: Penetrating Assault in Children

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The second article that I have chosen to critically review is: Penetrating assaults in children: Often non-fatal near-miss events with opportunities for prevention in the UK Link: Critical analysis: The authors has two aims first of which is to collect data on the medical outcome of deliberate gun and stab injuries in children and second was to look at methods of prevention of violent injury towards children in a few urban paediatric emergency department ( ED’s) in the UK. The author has used a mixed method to collect his data he has used case series analysis and also he has used a qualitative method of surveys. The method of retrospective case…show more content…
2011). Although the author does mention opportunities for prevention it is very brief and limited he also mentions that the research results could possibly help guide health intervention to reduce harm to those at risk. World health organisation (WHO) and UNICEF are both involved and have interventions and preventing child injuries they have suggestions of interventions such as home visits, parent education, media based interventions, and support and mutual aid groups with the outcomes being prevention of child abuse/ maltreatment, reduction of risk of abuse and improvement in physical health.( WHO 2012). They are trying to raise awareness around the world on this issue. (Department for education 2011).Every child matters main focus is early intervention and for all children to reach their full potential with the support of schools, GPS and community sectors. (Department for education 2004). Conclusion: To conclude the research topic the author has chosen there were a few limitations which made findings minimal he also did not show very much knowledge of legislations however the author did display good facts on the topic of gun and stab assaults on children but I feel that he could have provided more in depth information on intervention and prevention and what ED’s can do to put in place these interventions. References: Department of Health. (2011). Q&A on Commissioning services for women and children who experience

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