Article Review: Pneumonia and Children Essay examples

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This article was published on Harvard International Review at January 13, 2014. This is an article about the disease, pneumonia and children. It was published very recently, just about 4 months ago. Therefore, this article is likely to be reliable and updated then. However, the article does not include any information after January 13, 2014. Thus further research has to be done in order to get the latest information.

The title of this article is Pneumonia and Children. This article tells us about the causes and the effects of pneumonia onto child below 5 years old. It also discusses about the ways to prevent or treat pneumonia. This article is relevant to my research topic, child mortality, because pneumonia is one of the top causes for child mortality in lower income country. Every year, it kills almost 1.4 million children below 5 years old which is nearly one-fifth of child mortality. In addition, this article also mention about the 4th Millennium Development Goal which is to reduce the child mortality by one third. However the progress being made by Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Oceania is insufficient to reach the target if prevailing trends persists which is worrisome. This is also relevant to our world as most of the children’s death could be avoided in most situations in another country. Most of the infectious disease, in this case pneumonia, is curable and can be prevented easily. However, due to poverty in some of the third world country,…