Article Review : Pro Gun Control And The New York Safe Act

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The first article that will be discussed in the Literature Review are the pro-gun control views of Robert J. Spitzer in his article NEW YORK STATE AND THE NEW YORK SAFE ACT: A CASE STUDY IN STRICT GUN LAWS. The reason that I selected this article for my Pro gun right argument is that it provided the perspective from a state center approach to being proactive with strict gun laws. It broadens the perspective and makes the sample size easy to analyze and makes it easy to compare to other states with controlled variables. Robert Spitzer opens his piece by discussing the “perennial political struggle over gun policy in America” (pg. 749) As the Pew Research chart that is listed above has an interesting correlation between the two sides of general perception of how the sides correlate to legislation being passed. When the trend seemed to favor gun control, the like the deviant shown in 1993, then the result is the passing of the Brady Bill and the Assault Weapons Ban. To fast forward to the tragic events in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary and looking at the numbers for a comparison at public opinion, both sides seem to be equal on where they stand. To draw the comparison to Robert Spitzer’s views: Typically focuses, for understandable reasons, at the national level. Yet the American political system continues to be a system of federalism, where the states, and state policymaking, shape much of the American landscape. Thus, much attention was focused on President Barack Obama’s

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