Article Review : Race, Gender, And Self Presentation

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Lama Darji
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Scholarly Article Review – Race, Gender, and Self-Presentation in Teen Profile Photographs

Kapidzic, S., & Herring, S. C. (2015). Race, gender, and self-presentation in teen profile photographs. New Media & Society, 17(6), 958-976. doi:10.1177/1461444813520301

This study analyzes how teens represent themselves through their profile pictures on a popular non-anonymous chat site. Ever since the rise of “computer-mediated communication”, people have been looking for ways to present their persona online. Recently, internet users have been using pictures of themselves to represent who they are. The choice of photographs is under the control of the user and it is intended to enhance user’s positive self-presentation, along with other aspects of impression management. The authors put a great amount of emphasis on race/ethnicity and gender and how it may shape online behaviors in different ways and to different extents. This study also suggested that teens manipulate their postures, gaze, dress and distance from the viewer all through their image choices. So the authors have traced patterns where this was visible. The key concept identified was self-presentation which is mainly involved in impression management because that is closely related to forming an online identity. The main question the authors are trying to ask is whether there are differences in pictures chosen for self-presentation according to user race and gender on a teen…
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