Article Review : Reducing Drug Cartel Violence

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To: Mexican Security Cabinet
From: Carlos V. Peña
Date: 4/16/2016
Subject: Reducing Drug Cartel Violence in Mexico
Executive Summary: President Calderon’s “Drug War” has led to a massive increase in drug cartel violence. Government efforts have come up short to the initial expectations as cartel presence and power has increased across Mexico. The lack of quality education and the weakness of Mexico’s Rule of Law have pushed thousands of Mexicans towards delinquency. The Reformation of the Education Sector, the strengthening of the Rule of Law, and the Federalist reformation of the Police Force are vital to the prosperity of Mexico. Today, the social and political situation of Mexico has created an environment where these policies are a true possibility.
To understand the current situation of Mexico, one must explore its past to see what has driven a country with so much potential to a country without rule of law and increasing violence. The drug cartel violence being lived in Mexico, is a byproduct of the lack of quality education, opportunities, preventive policy, and the Mexican government’s inability to create strong institutions. Today, drug cartel violence is the greatest threat to the stability of Mexico.
At the moment, the United States is the biggest drug consumer in the world. Mexico’s geographic proximity and economic ties to the U.S. has increased the power of Mexican cartels. On top of this, the legal sale of assault weapons in the U.S. has helped…
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