Article Review : Reducing Prescription Drug Costs

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To: Professor Geckeis
From: Kyra Bloom, Adam Kavanagh, Nicholas Ceparski
Date: March 16, 2017
Subject: Reducing prescription drug costs

Company Name: Horizons
Investment/Retirement Planning 250 Employees Marysville, Ohio $135 Million USD

Commodities such as food, cars, and even precious metals have steadily increased year after year which is something that is widely accepted as ‘inflation’. The dollar in 2016 isn’t worth what the dollar in say, 2010 was, but salaries are often adjusted to take the rise in commodities into effect. Prescription drugs however do not fit into the typical mold of the commodity, that steadily increases in price year after year. Prescription drugs in …show more content…

Don’t just decide that you are going to go generic instead of prescription without talking to the doctor because it might end up not taking care of the symptoms or problems that the prescription drugs or medications are made for. Although sometimes generic brands may not be as strong, they are cheaper and can still do the job(s) you want it to do, but at a lower price than you would have to pay for prescriptions.

Clip Coupons
Clip coupons as another way to save money on your prescription drugs or medications. There are some websites such as, where you can print out a coupon for a certain prescription drugs and save a few dollars on your medications. Some coupons you don’t even have to print out. Sometimes you can just find it on your phone and the pharmacy or store can scan it from there. In the article, “Ways to Reduce Prescription Drug Costs,” it states, “If the medication is available in only expensive brands, there could be coupons available directly from the drug manufacturer.” This is a nice and easy way you can keep from spending an outrageous amount of money on your medications.

Over the Counter Medications
Over the counter medications can be bought for fractions of the cost of prescription medications. This is a wonderful but yet effective alternative to paying for the

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