Article Review : ' Reflexivity ' As A Methodology By Its Existing Influence And So Far Problems?

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GI402 Summative Essay

Jayati Lal argues that ‘reflexivity [cannot be] an end in itself ’ and suggests that a ‘reflexive and self-critical methodological stance can become meaningful only when it engages in the politics of reality and intervenes in it in some significant way’ (1996: 207). Critically discuss.

With the growth in discussion of power relation between researcher and researched, it is noticed that position of researcher is important to be involved in research process (Rich, 1986; Code, 1995; McCorkel & Myers, 2003; Grenz, 2005). Reflexivity, then, is a epistemic methodology to evaluating researchers’ roles, researching method and outcomes. This article is aimed to discussing ‘Reflexivity’ as a methodology by its existing influence and so-far problems. Arguing the meanings of reflexive methodology for qualitative research, I will bring up different opinions of reflexivity compared to Jayati Lal’s statement.

第一部分:討論反身性 = 反身性的方法論、重要性、可能問題(結合Jayati反對的部分)

反身性是「知識、如何處理知識」之間的差異 Reflexivity is the continual evaluation of relation between ‘knowledge’ and ‘the method of producing knowledge’ (Calás and Smircich, 1992). Its importance has been widely discussed due to the lack of awareness of researchers’ role in knowledge production.
The purpose of traditional research has always been finding out the ‘truth’ and ‘objective’ knowledge of the world. It has then been critiqued that there are difference between objective reality/fact and
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