Article Review : ' Stop Being A Baby '

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Tracy and her mother Melanie came to my office on September 12, requesting my services. Tracy started her seventh grade year with straight ‘A’s’ and a best friend named Noel. One day at lunch Tracy was teased for wearing “Cabbage Patch” clothes. This made Tracy very upset. Melanie and Tracy then went and bought Tracy all new clothes so she could fit in with who Tracy believed to be the most popular kids in school. She then meets who she believes to be the popular girls, Evie and Astrid on MelRose Place. Tracy sees them stealing clothes and becomes uncomfortable with the situation and leaves. Tracy decided to “stop being a baby” and steals from a wealthy women sitting on a park bench. Tracy, Evie, and Astrid then go on a shopping spree with the women’s money. Tracy begins to partake in other dangerous activities such as smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, huffing canisters, snorting prescription drugs, having unprotected sex(oral), getting unprofessional piercings, and selling/distributing drugs. Tension in the Freeman family has continued to grow. Melanie stated that she has recently found out about these problems and does not know what to do. She is seeking my help in finding Tracy, and her self the services that they need.

Purpose of the interview: Social services was contacted by Melanie due to an incident in the house. Brooke, Evie’s guardian, came to the house to discuss the drugs, sex, and alcohol. The conversation became very intense. At one point Tracy…
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