Article Review: 'The Army Officer Corps in the All-Volunteer Force' by MJ Messe

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Article Review All Volunteer Corps Article Review All Volunteer Corps Messe writes about a radical and successful endeavor of the United States military, which is the establishment of the all-volunteer force. This somewhat spontaneous idea has persisted in excess of three decades. The AVF altered perceptions of military officers, of the military institution, and how military officers perceived themselves & other military officers. Quality recruitment is an important issue for the AVF; the study describes how the author conducts a study into the quality and affects of the AVF with moderate detail. The authors intended audience may be those who run organizations with numbers that are dwindling. This could also be for people who run volunteer organizations already and are looking to increase and invigorate their staff. If a random person were to read this article, this person may be very surprised to learn that there is a AVF that is successful and high quality. This person may be further shocked to learn that this successful AVF exists within the United States military. Another audience may be high ranking officials within the military itself, or ranking officials of other militaries who have difficulty recruiting officers and cultivating internal motivation in subordinates. Messe first describes the conditions under which the AVF was created. Messe continues with explication of what the important issues and initial concerns were for those who organized, trained, and

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