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Tracy Sohoni’s and Charis E. Kubrin’s article in The Baltimore Sun, “Is the Ferguson Effect a myth,” is an effectively well­written article. The article was published September 10, 2015, and questions whether or not due to the 50 percent increase in homicides, is the increase just normal fluctuation or apart or something bigger. The article goes on to talk the about how the recent cases of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray and the Black Lives Matter movement, police are less likely to serve and protect citizens. Sonhoni’s and Kubrin’s use of cause and effect, an appeal to ethics and morals, and shining a spotlight on a bigger issue of the fragility of our judicial system is demonstrated in this article. The writers of the article are Tracy Sohoni and Charis Kurbin. Sohoni is a visiting assistant professor at the College of William and Mary. According the college 's website, Sohoni specializes in Criminology, Race and Crime, Courts and Corrections, Criminological Theories, and Research Methods. Sohoni has B.A. Sociology and History, the University of Texas at Austin M.A. Sociology, the University of Washington at Seattle and Ph.D. Criminology and the Criminal Justice University of Maryland at College Park. The school 's website further states that her research focuses on issues related to equity and fairness in the justice system and has recently conducted research examining the effect of laws restricting the rights of offenders in areas such as employment, public housing, TANF
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