Article Review : ' The Black Death '

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Article Review The Bubonic Plague, or more commonly referred to as the Black Death is something that has stumped scholars and students alike for centuries since its passing. There have been several articles written about, and discussed over the past few years concerning different angles of approach during the discussion of the Black Death. One of the biggest, and most reputable scholarly journals that has published a broad spectrum over many things concerning things such as the Black Death is, in fact, The Journal of Psychohistory. Jerrold Atlas wrote a particularly interesting article over the Black Death discussing many viewpoints, which encompass and capture a plethora of ideals; and probe at some very sensitive viewpoints. These areas that Atlas covers are areas that other scholars would not want to go into depth discussing, or researching; which in all make this a very interesting and informative article. Right off the bat, Atlas goes into a very profound analysis by stating this quote, “ Might all of the changes brought by the plagues have profoundly reshaped the European world and set in motion a sense of having succeeded too well and needing some cleansing.” With this statement Mr. Atlas is acknowledging the presumptive status that the plagues that drove Europe’s population down by a considerable amount, which led to the reformation and later to the renaissance. Not to say that was Atlas’ main thesis, but a buzzing detail that refused to be ignored and flaunted…

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