Article Review : ' The Magic Pudding ' Essay

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1. Discussion Board Week 1 My Reading As I read through the link 'Orientation to Australian literature for children and young adults ' my memory of reading these books in primary school comes flooding back. In particular looking for Alabrandi, Blinky Bill and The magic pudding. My existing understanding of children Australian literacy I believe comes from a young age when my primary school teachers pushed the importance of how wonderful and rare these Australian books for children were and how special we were to have them read to us and available in our libraries. Growing up in the Blue Mountains a lot of focus was on the late Author Norman Lindsay as he was once a local in our area. The book 'The magic pudding ' was our focus on one particular book week were we had to complete a visual art task on our own 'magic pudding ' We were also taken to see the film adaption of the book at the local Cinema. 2. Discussion Board Week 1 Jacqueline Rose Before analysing the text, I assumed Rose 's argument that children 's literature was to satisfy the needs and desires of adults was obscure, and that the innocent story of Peter Pan and Wendy was purely written for children. Furthermore, reading that the character Peter Pan was introduced by the author in his earlier novel in a story told to a young boy David by a bachelor wanting to lay with him. The realisation that this may indeed be written to 'fulfill adult desires ' grows. On the contrary, in the story told to David,

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