Article Review : ' The Terror Of Tiny Town '

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This semester I was able to learn many things by adopting and editing a Wikipedia page. Most composition classes would never use Wikipedia, but in this class we were able to utilize it to learn. This semester the class was told to pick an article, and it would be theirs to edit for the rest of the semester. My article was over the musical cult-western film called The Terror of Tiny Town, which was the only film to feature an all dwarf cast. By adopting this Wikipedia page, I was presented with challenges that other students did not face, and they were presented with challenges that was unique to their page. I did not have a problem keeping my edits on the page, but the article is not popular so there has not been much reaction to the page. I had to learn how to do research over a topic that is not popular, and any information on the topic was hard to find in reliable places. Furthermore, I learned how to do basic coding on Wikipedia, something I had no idea how to do before. After my experiences, I would suggest using Wikipedia as a teaching tool. Editing Wikipedia can teach students how to research information and be able to put it in a place for the whole world to see, edit, and critique.
Prior to the edits that I made on the page, there was a lot of information that was lacking. The Wikipedia page showed a list of the cast, the plot summary, the reception, and it has the full movie available to watch, but the information given did not do the movie justice, and the page
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