Article Review: Trends of Tuberculosis in the United States in 2011

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TB article review Title: Trends in Tuberculosis United States, 2011 Retrieved from: HYPERLINK "" Tuberculosis' etiological agent is Mycobacterium tuberculosis-a bacterium. The bacterium can attack any part of the body including spine, kidney, and even the brain. However, the bacterium usually attacks the lungs. Tuberculosis is one of the leading causes of death over the world, the United States included. Individuals suffering from TB have to be treated properly. Failure to do this may lead to fatality. TB is transmitted through air especially when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks thereby releasing the bacteria that causes TB into the air. If an uninfected person breathes in this infected air, they also get infected with TB. This becomes easier when the person breathing in the air has a compromised immune system. Bacterium that causes TB is capable of staying inside an individual without necessarily causing an infection. Such people do not show TB symptoms neither do they appear sick. Nevertheless, they are capable of spreading the bacterium that causes TB to people they interact with (CDC, 2012). This paper undertakes to review an online journal on infectious diseases trend on Tuberculosis. The review seeks to capture what the article is all about, the reason why the article was chosen, and whether the article makes claims about treatment of the

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