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Journal: Foster, J. D. & Campbell, W. K. (October 2005). Narcissism and resistance to doubts about partners., Journal of Research in Personality, 39 (5), 550-557. Purpose: Research has been consistent regarding the interpersonal relationships of narcissists. Several lines of research on dating relationships suggest that narcissism is linked to lower relationship commitment which can cause relationships to function less effectively. Foster’s and Campbell’s research dissects those previous findings and sets a new precedence. Although narcissism is generally associated with lower relationship functioning, Foster and Campbell attempt to prove how narcissism can be beneficial. Method: The research method used by Foster and Campbell…show more content…
Similar interactions were found with each of the variables that formed the Relationship Dysfunction variable (Foster & Campbell, 2005). The results based on the findings conclude there is a situation where narcissism can be beneficial to relationship functioning. The findings seem to hold true especially in the short-term for narcissist. Discussions: The ease at which narcissist were able to complete the positive commitment task highlights the self-enhancing response to a threat most associated with narcissism. It is suggested in the research that when circumstances encourage doubts about the commitment of one’s romantic partner, narcissist may be at their best. This can be extremely beneficial in relationships for a short term because a narcissist’s self-absorption or self-love will not permit them to fathom such preconceived notions. Although such egotism may benefit the relationship in the long run, it ultimately will give way to dysfunction. Foster and Campbell (2005) also found that when there is less reason to doubt the commitment of one’s romantic partner, which may be more typical than situations that promote doubt, narcissists function more poorly. They say that is why narcissism may be associated with poor relationship. Implications: Although there is a lot of evidence supporting that relationships with narcissist suffer, research scenarios in which personality constructs that are typically at odds with high
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