Article Review of John Bersin's article, 5 Keys to Building a Learning Organization

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Week One

Learning Organizations are vital in assisting businesses to operate effectively. In this rapidly changing environment learning organizations acquire knowledge and innovates faster, helping the organization to thrive and survive the changing environment. Businesses that establish a learning organization create a culture encouraging and supporting the employees learning, and take risks with critical thinking, and new ideas.
Organizations that endorse learning permit staff to make mistakes and the learning process is learning from those mistakes. Learning organizations and their employees experiment coming up with the best solution and learn from the experience. Employees learn when informed by the distribution of any new knowledge …show more content…

3. Unleash the power of experts – make the experts available to share their skills and experience whether internal or external build a directory of experts.
4. Show the value of formal training - Formal training has a function in professional networking and career growth, and this training has not gone away. Managers should promote the opportunity making time for the people to learn, giving the organization greater productivity and satisfaction.
5. Allow mistakes - A huge mistake is the best organizational and individual learning opportunity. This is the time to build a formal process where the team focuses on what worked, what did not, and the changes in processes to improve the outcome next time (Bersin, 2012).
The article provides ways to build a learning organization, and they all lead back to the organizations management, building a culture giving individuals the time to develop, reflect, share expertise and experiences, and learning from mistakes can help the organization surpass the competition, and thrive and survive the current changing environment.
A learning organization is where the learning process involves all staff members and that learning and working are effortlessly entwined. Peter Senge and his team conceptualized the learning organization in his book The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization (Senge, 2009).

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