Article Review on the Selection of a Juror for a Trial

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Article Review ONE: The general issue in this paragraph relates to the lack of impartiality when it comes to the selection of a juror for a trial. Potential jurors exposed to publicity prior to the trial form opinions about the victims and defendants. TWO: Whether the defendant is attractive or not has an impact on whether the jury will rule for or against that defendant. The bottom line is that attractive defendants generally get a better deal from juries because of the belief that good-looking people are more likely to have socially acceptable behaviors. The nature of the alleged crime determines whether or not the attractiveness of the defendant is influential in the verdict. THREE: When it comes to jurors passing judgment based on the appearance of the defendant, jurors that share common physical characteristics with defendants tend to be lenient towards that defendant. There can be positive biases in female jurors towards attractive male defendants but that isn't the case with males judging other males or females. FOUR: The ethnicity ("race") of the defendant plays a role as to whether jurors treat the defendant more or less harshly. FIVE: On page 606 the authors offer two hypotheses. SIX: 207 participants were involved (89 black; 55 Latino; 63 Caucasian). SEVEN: In the second paragraph on page 607 the vignette was explained. EIGHT: In the first and third paragraphs on page 607 the questionnaire that was given to participants was fully explained.
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