Article Reviews : My Weaknesses And My Strengths

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Jacquelin Garcia
English 071
September 29, 2014

Dear Sarah,

While writing the article reviews, I saw my weaknesses and my strengths. I found that Sometimes it’s difficult for me to get started with an idea, but when I’m going through the writing process it breaks it down of me so I’m able to keep up and revise even better.
When the time came to revise my essay in class I noticed proofreading strategies. I was able to catch my own mistakes and found a lot of parts that didn’t even make sense. I never really like to read my papers even when we did the drafting in high school. However, I came to see during this project that reading my essays is like my best friend. I’m not very sure about my writing ability to pick up on certain words because I usually write like I talk. In the future I hope I fix this.
I also found feedback from you very useful. I read it and I’m like yes she totally described my wring. I know that I had to change things but I couldn’t find my writing style. It was hard for me to incorporate the feedback because I didn’t know how to start. I’m sure I will get better but as of right now I found it difficult so I know that my writing may have not been that great
A weakness in my writing was coming up with what to write about. While writing the reviews, I thought what I could incorporate, so I went to the writing center. This gave me a chance to see what my main focus would be. However, I didn’t find it like it helped a lot. My ideas were still all over the…
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