Article Reviews on Family, Society, Human Behavior, and Sexuality

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ARTICLE REVIEW18 ARTICLE REVIEW 18 Abstract The preceding paper contains 15 article reviews. The article reviews are on the following topics; cultural variations, marital choice, changing gender roles, internal social processes, communication, normal family stresses, prenatal; infancy, early and middle childhood, adolescence, sexual behaviors, family planning, influence on relationships, self and others, communication skills and relating to others. Article Review 1.FAMILIES IN THE SOCIETY a.Cultural Variations Every culture has its unique characteristics that make it different form the other culture. Some of the differences that prevail in various cultures are quite evident even to the non scholastic and unsophisticated people, these variations include changes in language, traditions, dressing styles, political organizations, beliefs and values etcetera. The other variations that prevail in various cultures, however, are not that loud and one can only come to know these variations after spending a long time in that culture. According to various scholars, culture can be defined as the learned characteristics or the pattern of living for the members of the society. For any society, culture is the way of living of its members. The diversified factors of the culture, however, may vary from family to family in a given society. (Exploring Cultural Differences, 2007) The first factors that may distinguish one culture from the other are cultural, in families as well,
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