Article Summary : Chairs Of The Teen Advisory Board

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Article Three: Chairs

Section One.
Executive power of various events shall be vested in Chairs of the Teen Advisory Board. These Chairs shall head extra meetings about the events of which they are Chair. Chairs shall be appointed by general consensus and open vote of members of the teen advisory board. They have no term limits, and are subject to removal from office, as described in Section Two.
To be eligible for Office, Chairs must have been a member of the Teen Advisory Board for two months, and be no less than thirteen years of age, and no more than eighteen years of age at the time of appointment by secret ballot election (see the section on General Elections).

Section Two.
Chairs are subject to removal from their office if a two-thirds majority of the Teen Advisory Board believes they are not accurately performing duties required of them. If they are removed by an open ballot decision, they are replaced by another open-ballot election. If the position is vacant after an election (see the section on General Elections. i.e. no members running for Chair), the duties of that Chair are assumed by the Overseer of the Board.

Article Four: General Elections
Section One.
Elections for the various offices shall be held every six months, on the Teen Advisory Board Meeting held before the end of the term. There is no term limit on any office. Elections shall all be by secret ballot, where each member of the general body places a vote on a slip of paper and places it into a…
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