Article Summary: Free Trade In The United States

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This article is about free trade. It starts off saying that free trade is good for "lower prices, more productive economy, and ultimately everyone better off." The second paragraph is how “free trade is also a tax issue” that if we cut or reduce a tariff it means the government gets less money. The next point is about which candidates are for and against free trade. After that it lists a few reasons that free trade is good, then it goes on to say "try telling ... someone who lost his job and perceives that it is because of free trade.” Then it says for people who are proponents of free trade, what do we do about it? It goes on about how it will have to be done with small steps. Americans will have to start trusting in Congress, Congress will have to build our trust by cutting taxes on Imports while still protecting the American people from things like job loss that free trade might cost. The article continues on by stating ways that the Congress could act to help fair trade. The first item is HR 4730…show more content…
We did not talk about how Congress can help with improving free trade. In the first paragraph the article says that free trade helps “lowering prices, a more productive economy, and ultimately makes everyone better off.” In the book it basically says the same thing on page 451 in the first paragraph under the case for free trade. With free trade it helps countries produce what is the best for that country. Each country will make the product that is most cost-effective for them to make. Some countries make what their country is not the best at making which cost them more money. In chapter 1 we learned about the production possibility table, we learned that if two countries combined if country A is good at making, and the other country makes what country A was bad at, but country B was good at making. Both countries would have larger amounts of each item. This is one way free trade would
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