Article Summary : Transportation For Slavery

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Article: Transportation for slavery
Slaves and slave trade is very elevated to the British economy for it solved labor problems during the Industrial Revolution. Slave labor was created to tend machines, coalmines and transportation infrastructure buildings. Indigenous people, convicts or indentured laborers originally tended these problems, but due to colonization the population was reduced. To solve this problem, millions of African people were taken to America to be used as slaves. The slaves were treated as if they were a piece of real estate or animal who were bought and sold to whomever owned them. Since the 1500s, 70,00 Africans are being captured and taken to the New World, and sold as slaves. They were placed in tight ships with no sunlight and were packed in lying down position with no room to move. Sometimes when the ship tilted, the slaves on the sides were crushed from all the weight of other slaves. Some captains would provide a few slaves buckets for their waste for there were never enough for everyone. The conditions on the boat was the worst possible living condition every slave went through.
By 1750, one-third of the British merchants were involved in the slave trade and profited a great deal. Slave trade became very profitable to those countries and merchants who exchanged their manufactured goods for slaves. During this decade, the British parliament is debating the abolishment of slave trade due to humanitarian rights, but majority of the MP’s…
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