Article Summary of Lefkowitz's 'Meditation Made Easy'

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An article summary of Lefkowitz's "Meditation made easy" Lefkowitz, F. (2010). Meditation made easy. Natural Health, 40(7), 68-72. Citing "advice from some of the world's leading meditation instructors," Lefkowitz provides a detailed and practical guide on the importance and method of meditation, "a tried and true way to calm your mind" (68). In fact, the article reads like a manual, complete with the question-answer style of a teacher instructing a class. The author does not treat the topic of meditation in a simplistic way, as if there were only one way to meditate for one type of person, but outlines several ways to meditate for people of different abilities and tastes. For example, Lefkowitz tellsmulti-taskers who find prolonged periods of concentration difficult to "find a practice style that's right for you" (68). These practice styles, including their goals and method, are the substance of this article, and include basic breathing meditation, mindfulness meditation, listening meditation, mantra meditation, and walking meditation (Lefkowitz 2010, 68-72). The goal for meditation in general is to focus on "one thing in order to deepen your awareness of the present moment" (68). Lefkowitz argues for the medical benefits of meditation, particularly that it can "boost the immune system, improve circulation, lower cholesterol, ease chronic pain, end insomnia, counter anxiety, relieve gastrointestinal distress and actually extend your lifespan" (68). Basic breathing

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