Article Summary of 'Teaching All Learners As If They Are Special'

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Article Summary: Teaching All Learners as if they are Special Introduction This article, published in 2002 by Nancy Gadbow, examines some of the issues experienced by adult learners with special needs. The author asserts the concept of diversity should include special needs and differences in terms of disability, ethnicity, culture, language, age, gender, experience, and geography. Furthermore in order to give each person equal access to the curriculum a range of instructional approaches and technologies should be incorporated into the learning environment. Discussion Gadbow believes it is the duty of adult educators to instill a life-long love of learning into their students, "helping adults learn how to learn is the most important thing a teacher ever does" (p. 53). The first responsibility of educators working with adults is to help them identify their learning styles and differences as well as other special learning needs, and then provide effective strategies to adapt to these individual learning needs (53). The author's contention that all learners are special means seeing the possibilities as well as the problems or particular needs of each student as they present themselves. The author believes that as the United States prepares individuals to enter the workforce in the twenty-first century addressing individual learner's needs and differences becomes even more critical. Rapid development of on-line and other distance learning distance-educational
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