Article Summary of 'The Court: Ignoring the Reality of Guns'

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Summary: The Court: Ignoring the Reality of Guns The New York Times, in an editorial published June 28, 2010, harshly criticized the United States Supreme Court for overturning the city of Chicago's ban on hand gun ownership. Calling the decision "infuriatingly abstract" the paper predicted the results of high court's ruling would be "all too real and bloody." The issue at hand is the conflict arising between individual rights and societal security. The case involves the legal authority of a legislative body of a municipality to ban hand guns within their jurisdiction. The Court had previously struck down a similar law banning hand guns enacted by the District of Columbia, basing its ruling on its interpretation of the Second Amendment. Calling the court's logic "flawed" the new ruling extends the application of the amendment to all states and cities, rendering Chicago's ban unenforceable. The Times accused the court of ignoring the national epidemic of gun violence, citing federal statistics that indicated that approximately 10,000 people died by handgun violence in the four months it took the court to rule on the issue and the fact that 258 public school children were shot, 32 fatally, in Chicago during the previous year. The court ruled that the author's of the Constitution and its later amendments considered gun ownership a fundamental guarantee, giving individuals, not just militias, the right to bear arms. The Court did let current legislative limits on

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