Article: The Aspect of Delinquency

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juvenile delinquency In early 2011 the FBI reported a decrease of 23.5% for juvenile arrests based on total arrests made in 2001 versus 2010 ( In fact, a simple Google search on juvenile crime over the past couple of years looks pretty good on paper and would have us believing that the many programs implemented over the past ten years have finally taken hold and are having a positive effect on our youth. We should be relieved that in 2010 only 184,154 arrests were made for theft and crimes related to drug abuse are down from 123,686 to 107,164 ( Cumulatively a little over a million people were arrested in 2010 for varying offenses. Keep in mind these numbers are related to the population of 18 years old and under. Our nation's children are in serious trouble, and what's frightening is that these are the people we look to for our future. There have been thousands of studies conducted in an attempt to root out the underlying cause of juvenile delinquency, but there seems to be no clear cut answer. Delinquency prevention offers a plethora of programs which range anywhere from substance abuse education and treatment, family counseling, youth mentoring, parenting education, educational support, to youth sheltering. Many of these, if not all are helpful. The problem is: the situation of juvenile delinquency persists. Moreover, some…

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