Article Titled 'Personal Critical Reaction to the Case for Murder against Georgia Sheriff'

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Part 1 Personal Critical Reaction Conspiracy to commit murder is one of the most difficult things to prove without a reasonable doubt and because the prosecution was aware that the case for murder against the former Sheriff, Dorsey was based upon a conspiracy charge the course of action for the prosecution was relatively clear. They had to somehow convince a jury that Dorsey had recruited the four other men, Patrick Cuffy, Paul Skyers, Melvin Walker and David Ramsey with the express intent of killing Derwin Brown. The reason that these types of murder charges are fundamentally difficult to prosecute lies in the fact that if the recruiter/master mind behind the event is ultimately successful on the first attempt to obtain an assassin, there rarely anyone, other than the actual killer(s) to testify that the mastermind in fact ordered and also likely made some sort of compensation for the act on the part of the assassin(s). In this case the prosecution proved to this jury using the testimony of, Patrick Cuffy, Paul Skyers, two of the admitted assassins, on immunity deals to provide evidence against Dorsey. The ethical dilemma is then the immunity deals offered to Cuffy and Skyers. The dilemma is fascinating as these sorts of immunity deals, in the case of murder are relatively rare, as most people feel that the actual doer of the crime, is as guilty or more guilty than the mastermind behind it, as that individual(s) has the ultimate decision making as to whether the crime

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